Boutique Hotel The Roosevelt pays attention to sustainability. We strive to obtain the Green Key certificate. This certificate is awarded to companies who work seriously for the environment and operate in this regard, making a greater effort than is required by law.

We work responsibly and forward-looking. We take responsiblity and we are focused on the future. The advantage for our guests is that you can fully benefit from this corporate approach and The Roosevelt Hotel proves that responsible decisions needs not be excluded at the expense of comfort.

Below we give you a brief overview of our efforts:

- We serve organic and regional charcuterie

- We serve organic milk and eggs produced in the region

- Tea and coffee are from organic farming

- We serve organic fairtrade coffee during conferences

- Our sweet spreads as as much as possible from fairtrade production

- The products in the rooms are made by fairtrade production

- We use our own bottled water

- Energy saving lighting

- Water saving measures

- Sustainable printing process

- Responsible paper consumption

- Environmentally friendly detergents

- Comprehensive waste separation

- The staff supports our corporate culture

- Our team contributes ideas to improve customer satisfaction - Annual inspection of our operation