Restaurant The Lounge

Warm atmosphere

Resaurant The Lounge Wine & Dine is a warm place where you can relax. A unique bar, a lovely seating area, charming seats, seductive corners. Warmth, atmosphere and intimacy. The result is a wine bar, cocktail bar, champagne bar and a place to lounge.

Because everything contributes to the whole and all senses should be pampered, not only is the taste of the food sublime, but a lot of attention is also paid to the presentation and reception by our hostesses.

Our restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday. We serve a culinary menu with seasonal dishes.

Non-hotel guests are also welcome

Guests from Middelburg and the surrounding area also come here to enjoy a really nice drink and a delicious dinner. The warm atmosphere means it is always lively here and that in turn strengthens the desire to spend the evening.