Hotel bar The Orient

Meet the world at our hotel bar The Orient

When the sun has just set and the light is particularly soft and warm, it's time for a glass of wine or perhaps champagne, with delicious appetizers in our hotel bar The Orient. Here you can forget the time and feel unencumbered. Hotel bar The Orient is where our guests can enjoy oysters and other delicious regional appetizers. To make the hotel lobby as attractive as possible, the interior designers E.S.T.I.D.A. from Amsterdam designed a special place that could not be more pleasant. A unique bar with a cosy area to sit by the fireplace, the most charming and seductive seating niches in a warm and intimate atmosphere.

The owners visited many hotels around the world to gather inspiration for their own cosmopolitan interpretation. The result is a wine bar, cocktail and champagne bar, serving elaborate high quality appetizers from the four corners of the world, and regional delicacies such as oysters, clams and lobsters. 

Because everything contributes to the whole experience and all the senses should be pampered, not only does the food taste sublime, but we also place great emphasis on the presentation and reception by our hostesses.