Sustainability statement Boutique hotel The Roosevelt

We are aware of the influence of our business activities on the environment and society and want to act in such a way that the natural environment remains preserved and available for future generations. We do this by increasingly integrating sustainability into our business processes, services and products.

To achieve this, we make conscious choices and seek a balance between people, planet and results. This is a process, not a final destination. We are continuously looking for feasible steps to implement this social responsibility in our company. To achieve this, we implement the following measures:

  • We actively keep ourselves informed of CSR developments within our profession and make an active contribution to the transfer of our knowledge about this to employees and others who want to learn the profession.
  • We inform our guests, employees and suppliers about how we conduct our corporate social responsibility.
  • We make transparent agreements with the parties involved about the quality of our product and how we monitor quality.
  • In addition to the financial impact, we also determine the social and environmental impact of our product and limit any negative impact as much as possible.
  • We voluntarily contribute to social causes through donations and sponsorship and/or through volunteer work.
  • Where possible, we try to inform our guests and customers and facilitate them in reducing their environmental impact.
  • We continuously work to reduce the environmental impact and increase the sustainable character of our company. By actively striving to reduce waste flows and our consumption of gas, water, electricity and fossil fuels.
  • We continuously work on improving our own purchasing process and focus in particular on goods and services that are sustainable, preferably with a recognized environmental and/or sustainability and/or social quality mark. 

More information can be found on the website Greenkey.nl.


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