Event and party location

Boutique Hotel The Roosevelt is the ultimate destination to celebrate. From a wedding in the idyllic hotel garden to celebrating your birthday party like Abraham; Our location has ample options with the modern facilities you want for your event. With our hospitable service and experienced kitchen staff, we are guaranteed to turn your event into a party!

Some examples:

  • Luxury barbecue in our garden with lobster, oysters and other salty delicacies or cool meat on a spit that is grilled on site by our chefs.
  • A walking dinner of 7 surprising courses in the lobby and/or garden.
  • Cutting the wedding cake with a subsequent party.
  • A company anniversary where your colleagues party and also stay the night.
  • A breakfast session for your birthday where everyone can still go to work or school on time.
  • Lunch meeting connected with a lecture.
  • Baby shower with decoration options
  • High TEA or high GIN